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Top 5 Dogs Breed You Should Know About In 2023

Buying a puppy is not just an investment. It is the first step towards forming a bond that is hard to break. However, when choosing a dog, you have to keep many things in mind. It may seem like an easy job to do, but the truth is just the opposite. There are certain dog breeds that are extremely popular because of their temperament and behavior.

If you are looking to buy puppies online, these are some of the top 5 Dog breeds you can consider:

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois is one of the confident dog breed at present. They are athletic and strong built with their heights reaching 22-26 inches. It is highly hardworking and immediately forms a bond with humans.

Their well-muscled build allows them to manage any kind of work. The coat color of Belgian Malinois ranges from Mahogany to rich fawn. They have black ears, which complement their eyes, and are the color of Belgian chocolates.

An intelligent and eager breed, the Belgian Malinois is very obedient. However, they do not like sitting idle. If you are looking for Belgian Malinois puppies for sale near me you should know that they might become destructive on being kept idle. At least 40 minutes of extensive exercise is necessary to keep them happy.

Apart from being good at herding, the breed is optimum for protection and law enforcement-based tasks. Since they are very protective, you have to train them from the beginning itself. They love being around family, so they may not like staying in a Kennel.

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Basenji Puppies

Basenji Puppies

A square-proportioned dog breed, the Basenji loves to extend its long legs. This gives him the ability to run at high speeds. They have erect ears, which helps them track their game even in hard-to-see areas. Since the breed is popularly from Africa, they have a minimal coat to take care of the weather there.

The Basenji are considered to be catlike in the way they behave. They are clever yet stubborn and extremely curious. As they are a hunter breed, the Basenji loves to trail and chase. This breed also needs continuous mental and physical activity, or they also tend to lose focus and get destructive.

The bark of the Basenji is almost negligible. Many breeders provide Basenji puppies for sale near me and Dominic puppies is one of the reliable ones. Though they get along with another breed, they cannot adjust with other Basenji.

For their exercise requirements, they can be met with a vigorous walk or playing in a safe area. Their coat does not require much care. Just an occasional brush would do.

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Black and Tan Coonhound Puppies

Black and Tan Coonhound Puppies

A Black and Tan Coonhound is a large and powerful dog that has a solid and tapered tail. Their coat is black with tan markings which spread from the eyes to the feet and chest area. The height of the Black and Tan coonhound ranges between 25-27 inches.

One fact you should know before looking for black and tan coonhound for sale is that it is intelligent and very loyal. They do their work with a lot of passion and are quite outgoing. However, they may not be so open to meeting strangers. Since the breed has an independent streak, it is tough to train them.

They also tend to run after any exciting scent. It would be best if you kept them on a leash so that they do not escape. The black and tan coonhound’s coat does not need much maintenance. Just an occasional brushing is sufficient. Since the breed slobbers, it is wise to buy some bibs for them.

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Beauceron Puppies

Beauceron Puppies

The Beauceron is taller than standard breeds, with heights reaching 28 inches. Its long tail and double dewclaws can identify it. Their coat is short but quite dense, and their color of the same is black and tan. Since the Beauceron has the loyalty trait, it makes a good guard dog.

They have a dominating nature and therefore require firm training. Beauceron could face problems with other dog breeds; hence they should be introduced to them early on. They are intelligent, and you can assign them any task as they pick up very fast.

To spend their energy, you need to give them a run or two daily. Due to a short coat, minimum grooming is required. Usually, they shed the whole year, yet it increases during winter months. Keep the Beauceron outdoors most of the time to relish his company fully. Get in touch with the reputed breeder to find Beauceron puppies for sale.

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Bloodhound Puppies

Bloodhound Puppies

The Bloodhound is a large dog that has wrinkled and droopy eyes. Thanks to the jowls and sunken eyes, it appears as if it is in a foul mood. Their coats are short and very hard to touch. Its color is usually black and tan, red, or liver and tan.

The height of an adult bloodhound could go up to 32 inches in some cases. Bloodhounds are very mild-mannered and patient. They make good pets as they are incredibly gentle with the kids. However, the breed is an independent worker and might sometimes make its own decisions. Online also you can find Bloodhound puppy and Dominic puppies offers well bred varieties of the dog breed.

The Bloodhound can take quite some time to mature. Once they achieve adolescence, they become clumsy and boisterous. They tend to eat anything that smells great. This could include TV remotes, batteries, car seats, towels, etc. Due to the long jowls of the Bloodhound, they drool a lot.

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Summing up

Bringing any dog into your life is a welcome change. The above breeds are going to rule the popularity charts this year. It is their unique temperament that grants them this honor. If you are looking for decent and well-behaved puppies for sale, you can contact We verify each of our breeders before providing you with the pet. Our pets are completely hygienic and there is a lot of variety to select from. With our assistance, you get the companion dog you are looking for. Contact us to get aware of how things work, and choose a dog that would prove a wonderful pet for you.

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