Dog Breed for Small Urban Apartments

Buying the Right Dog Breed for Small Urban Apartments

Having a dog at home fulfils your life with unspeakable happiness, and for some people, a canine companion is the means to alleviate loneliness and enhance security. Known as one of the most faithful animals ever roamed on the earth, dogs are among the top domestic pets across the world. Dog lovers staying in cramped urban apartments, however, find it hard to bring home a furry companion. However, limited space in your city apartment should not be a hindrance to getting a dog. There exist so many dog breeds that are deemed well suited for living in urban accommodations.

Things to analyze when you get a dog for your urban apartment

It is easy to get carried away by the flow of affection and tenderness when you come across a cute puppy. The innocent eyes, gentle barking and cuddling may melt your heart so much that you may forget about the realistic aspects that will crop up later! For people living in small flats in cities, bringing home a large-sized dog breed or a breed known for aggressive temperament is probably not a good idea. Before adopting a dog for your urban apartment, analyze the following factors.

  • Size– Some dog breeds, when grown up, can be very large and handling them can be tough for your kids or family members with fragile health.
  • Temperament- Some dog breeds tend to bark more, and there are quieter ones too. Aggressive-natured breeds, especially those that recognize only their human companion, can be tough to keep in urban flats. Some hunter-dog breeds may not be friendly with pets like rabbits and cats as well.
  • Shedding- Almost all dog breeds shed coats, but some do more than others. The long-haired ones shed a lot of furs, naturally. Think of this aspect if you or any family member has respiratory ailments. People living busy lives won’t like vacuuming every now and then to keep the carpet and upholstery free of dog fur!
  • Your lifestyle- Dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and some breeds show intensity in this regard. If you spend a lot of time outside the apartment and the dog needs to stay alone for a long time, this can be an issue. In that case, you will need a breed that is capable of staying alone without feeling miserable.

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Some suitable dog breeds for urban apartment living

  • Pug

They are known for their somewhat comical yet friendly demeanor. They are quite loyal and remain attached to their humans. Pugs tend to be quite inquisitive, but they do not need a lot of space as such. Take the dog for evening or morning walks, and the rest of the time, he/she should stay happily in the apartment. Pugs also do not bark a lot, a blessing if you have neighbors staying close by. They are also adaptable to kids.

  • Yorkshire Terrier

If you are fond of dog breeds that are small in size but personality big, Yorkshire Terrier is a good choice. These dogs are quite sprightly and affectionate. They were quite popular as pets in the Victorian era, and their popularity has not diminished much. They are quite low maintenance and need a daily walk to stay fit. They shed very less.

  • French Bulldog

These cute dogs, with flattened nostrils and comical faces, are very friendly and loyal in nature. They do not bark a lot and can do with minimal exercise. They also gel well with the kids and strangers. However, they do not take to high temperatures well.

  • Shih Tzu

Well, this is a long hair breed and maintaining the fur is not exactly easy. However, their affectionate nature and loyalty will melt your heart. They are quite cuddly but tend to be protective of their territory.

  • Chihuahua

If you live in a rented apartment or if the space crunch is too big, consider bringing home a Chihuahua, the smallest-sized dog breed. Chihuahuas are smaller than cats, and they are also called toy dogs. They do not need plenty of exercise. However, these tiny creatures are very loyal, and they love to cuddle with their humans. Taking them around in cars is easy, and so is taking them to vets when required.

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Is it impossible to keep larger dog breeds in urban apartments?

It depends on some variables! If you have a moderate-sized apartment and live on your own or with a partner, some dog breeds can still be accommodated that are large in size. You can, for example, adopt a Greyhound. These large dogs do not need a lot of space. Just ensure you take them to a nearby park for their daily sprints. You can also adopt a Great Dane. Referred to as the gentle giant, these dogs adapt to limited space in city apartments without tantrums. They are patient, friendly and can do plenty of exercises. Expect them to lean on you on the couch during the weekends.

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